On friendly terms with modern technology, or insulating the attic with PUR foam

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On friendly terms with modern technology, or insulating the attic with PUR foam
Unused rooms under roof often act as an attic. The fact that it is not a habitable room does not mean that its thermal insulation is less important. Find out how and with what material effectively insulate the attic, so that there was no heat escape from the heated rooms below.

Insulation of the attic – why is it important?

The attic (or unusable garret) is a space under an inclined roof that is not used for residential purposes and is not heated. The surface of the roof, under which is an unusable garret, often is deprived a thermal insulation layer. In this situation, insulation is placed either on the roof or on roof slopes. Both solutions are compatible with the art of construction.

Why is insulation on the roof so important? Naturally, economic considerations are involved here. When the attic is unusable, thermal insulation is done so that heat from the heated rooms does not escape.

Before attending to insulating the attic, pay attention to its height. If the room is low and access is difficult or not at all, it is most convenient to make insulation before laying the roofing. In this situation, all necessary materials must be prepared in advance and protected against rain during the renovation. In attics of sufficient height, works can be carried out when the roof is ready.

Insulation of the attic with polyurethane foam - employ professionals!

Insulation of the attic with polyurethane foam - employ professionals! Thermal insulation of the attic should be left to the professionals. Why? A lot depends on the quality of the workmanship - tightness, comfort of use of this space, and reliability guarantee in the coming years. Thermal insulation of the attic should be done professionally enough so that no repairs will not be needed after a year or two. And this can happen when you yourself, without adequate experience, start a renovation.

In addition to professional work, the material you want to insulate the attic is very important. Polyurethane foam is great for this purpose. Assuming that it is placed correctly, the thermal conduction coefficient for closed-cell foams is estimated at 0.02-0.039 W/mK, and for open-cell - 0.033-0.039 W/mK. It is worth remembering that foam with a higher density and the structure of closed cells has a greater ability to isolate and thus you can apply a thinner layer. In order to preserve all material properties, it is necessary to skilfully distribute it, which is why specialists should take care of it.

Insulation of the attic with foam – 5 main advantages

Polyurethane foam is sprayed with a special gun. As a result, it penetrates directly into each gap and, in addition, a layer of almost any, of course, controlled thickness can be created from it - depending on individual needs. Immediately after the gush, foam begins to slowly dilate, expanding its volume and getting everywhere where traditional insulation materials have no chance to penetrate. At the peak moment, it is able to enlarge its volume even 120 times.

  1. High tightness and resistance

    Foam is characterized by excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. It is resistant to adverse weather conditions, such as high or low temperature, humidity. Additionally, it is not vulnerable to adverse effects of various chemical substances.

  2. Durability

    In contrast to alternative insulation methods, there is no need to worry that foam will age, deform, and lose its properties over the years. It retains its properties for many years.

  3. It works great in attics with a complicated timber roof truss shape

    Polyurethane foam is applied to the timber roof truss with the spray method and is able to reach even the most difficult nooks and crannies. Thermal insulation made in this way does not have thermal bridges.

  4. It provides excellent acoustic insulation

    Foam works not only when insulating the attic, but also provides excellent acoustic insulation. This is very important for roofs with a roofing membrane and metal roofing tile. Very good foam parameters to dampen significantly reduce the noise coming from the sheet, for example in the case of heavy rain.

  5. Easy to apply

    Polyurethane foam forms a uniform coating, adhering to all recesses and unevenness. In contrast to alternative attic insulation methods, no additional mounting accessories need to be used to make foam insulation.

Insulation of the attic with foam – ceiling

A properly insulated floor on the ground floor and the attic ceiling is half the battle in insulating your house. It is worth knowing that heat losses through an uninsulated ceiling can also lead to condensation of water vapor on the roof covering. The use of polyurethane foam, which forms a seamless seal, is the ideal solution in this case.

Insulation of the attic with foam – price

Prices of attic insulation with foam may seem relatively high. But something for something. Insulation of the attic with a modern material, such as polyurethane foam, guarantees 100% insulation and many years of peaceful sleep in a well-insulated house.