Purinova: Polish company is a serious player in the global polyester polyols market

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Purinova Polish company serious player in the global polyester polyols market
Published in October 2017, the Global Polyester Polyol Market 2017-2021 report presents the situation and forecasts for the development of the polyester polyols market by 2021. According to the data collected in it, the Polish company Purinova is one of the key players in the dynamically developing polyols market.

The world market for polyester polyols has a constant growth dynamics. It is estimated that in 2017-2021, the average annual growth rate of the market demand - calculated in the CAGR model - for polyester polyols will be as high as 5%.

In the segment of the chemical production market, monomeric polyols (glycerin, pentaerythritol, ethylene glycol, and sucrose) and polymeric polyols are used. The latter in turn is divided into polyether polyols (85% share in the polymer polyols market) and polyester polyols (the remaining 15% of the market share).

The growth dynamics of the polyester polyols market - the latest data

As it appears from the Global Polyester Polyol Market 2017-2021 report, the polyester polyols sector is characterized by much higher growth dynamics. The industry finds more and more applications for polyester polyols, in particular appreciating their stretchability, durability, and fatigue flexibility.

Moreover, the report emphasizes that polyester polyols have a better ability to distribute molecular weight and viscosity compared to polyether polyols.

What will be the future of polyols?

the future of polyols From the comment of the said report analyst, it appears that bio-based polyols are the strongest growing trend in the polyester polyols market. To strengthen the economic as well as ecological aspect of the production, market entities conduct research to eliminate the use of the non-renewable component in the production process of polyester polyols, that is, petroleum.

It is anticipated that in the near future the bio-oils may be a basis for the production of polyester polyols. At present, it is noticeable that companies are conducting intensified research on the development of biotechnology in this field.

Purinova in the big world's top polyols five

The report identifies five companies with the largest impact on the entire polyester polyols market. We can be proud that among them was the Polish company Purinova, as a significant producer of polyester polyols in the world.

This is the best testimony of the company's development, not only in Poland, but also globally. Definitely, Purinova is a young player with great potential, noticed on the world markets. It's just a confirmation that we are going in the right direction and we appreciated for innovation – Piotr Sękowski, COO Purinova, comments the Global Polyester Polyol Market 2017-2021 report.