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Open cell polyurethane foam Purios S

Open-cell foam

Open-cell foam is mainly used to insulate building interior. It is open-cell in 90%. It is characterized by a low diffusion resistance of steam, which is why humidity is not stopped in the insulation layer. Open-cell foam has λ of at least 0.033 which makes it possible to significantly lower energy costs in buildings.

Closed-cell foam

Closed-cell foam

Aside from its classical use in construction industry, Purios closed-cell foam is used to insulate steel constructions of any type, cold stores, pipelines or inventory buildings. Foam shows waterproof properties and extremely high compression strength. Closed-cell Purios foam has λ starting from 0.20.


Our Projects

See our new projects carried out with Purios system which can be used in buildings, from their bottom to the top.

Attic in terrace house

The attic insulation of the terrace house. Purios ET open cell foam used for insulation, which provides warmth in winter and ideal insulation in summer. Made by Almato-Pur in Zielona Góra, private investor.

Attic in terrace house with insulated spray foam

Detached house

Roof insulation made of open cell foam Purios FR in datached house. Spray made by Sain Construction. The house belongs to a private investor.

House insulated with Purios foam
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