About us

Purinova is the manufacturer of polyester polyols and polyurethane systems Purios. For many years, we have developed our own know-how and implemented modern technologies in international markets.

The heart of the production of Purios spray foams is located in Bydgoszcz. Purinova, apart from machinery, tanks and reactors, is primarily a team of people with extensive experience in the polyurethane industry. A modern chemical industry requires raising professional qualifications and extensive competences at a global level – this is Purinova!

We produce on average about 25,000 tons of polyurethane systems and 65,000 tons of polyester polyols per year.

Our company's professional solutions are widely used in the construction, refrigeration and automotive industries. Purinova products prove themselves on many international markets, gaining recognition among a growing number of customers.

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