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at your home

Oszczędzasz czas oszczędzasz pieniądze
Save your time

and money

Ikona doświadczenie na rynku polskim oraz światowym

on the international market

one of the best thermal

resistance on the market

durable insulation method

25 years lifetime

more than 21 000 000

of Purios foam insulations

Wide usage
modern technology

Purios System may be used in buildings from their foundations up to the roof. It is also suitable for industrial constructions e.g. to insulate steel constructions, cold stores or inventory buildings. Components of top quality used in the production process guarantee it that foam does not get older over 25 years. With the natural environment in our minds, Purios systems do not contain substances which deplete the Earth's ozone layer. Modern production in Poland, own R&D department, numerous patents and everyday sample tests ensure the highest standard of the product.

Open and closed cell spray foam

Open-cell foam is mainly used to insulate building interior. It is open-cell in 90%. It is characterized by a low diffusion resistance of steam, which is why humidity is not stopped in the insulation layer. Aside from its classical use in construction industry, Purios closed-cell foam is used to insulate steel constructions of any type, cold stores, pipelines or inventory buildings.

Wygląd pianki poliuretanowej Projektowanie ocieplenia budynku
We proved ourselves in hot Spain
and damp Ireland

Purios foams are used worldwide: from Argentina to Japan, from the USA to Russia. The innovative technology enables the products to be used in different climatic zones: wet and dry, still maintaining the application standards. Foam holds CE, ITB certificates and PZH attestation.

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