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Trailer coach - insulation and thermal insulation of a year-round mobile home

Those who are enthusiasts of houses made of brick or wood are usually sceptical about year-round mobile houses, questioning their usability, especially during the cold winter months. Meanwhile, a mobile home turns out to be the perfect place to live in winter too, even in the harsh Central European climate. How is this possible? All it takes is good heating and proper thermal insulation of the entire property.

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Insulation of ventilation ducts - insulation of external and internal ducts

Mechanical ventilation or air conditioning systems are nowadays standard equipment in virtually every public facility, as well as industrial buildings. In order to adequately protect ventilation ducts against water vapour condensation, against fire, or against the noise generated by the air flowing through, ventilation duct insulation is used. There is, however, another important factor in favour of insulating a ventilation system.

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Building foundations - how to do them properly when building a house?

Obviously, proper foundations under a house are crucial to the longevity of a structure. There are a number of requirements that must be met in order to ensure that the foundation of a detached house - whether single-storey or two-storey - fulfils its role successfully for as long time as possible. Below you can read about things you should pay special attention to once you have decided to pour the foundations on your own.

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Insulating materials - types of thermal insulating materials in buildings - application and properties

It is truthful that a thermally well-insulated house is an energy-efficient and ecological property. Legal regulations and people's growing awareness have resulted in the need to reduce energy demand and related costs. An important element in the struggle against excessive use of energy in residential buildings and public utility facilities are certainly the insulation materials, adapted to function in specific conditions. Reducing energy consumption can be achieved through effective thermal insulation of all building partitions, but without the right materials this will be virtually impossible. Let us take a closer look at the thermal insulation materials available on the market today.

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Roof structure and types of roof truss

The roof of a detached house is not only a key element of its entire structure, but also an important component that affects appearance and durability of the entire building. Nowadays in Poland, traditional roof trusses are still provided in most cases. In order to make a solid and stable support for the roof covering, its form and weight, thermal requirements as well as the type and location of individual elements crossing its surface, i.e. chimneys or skylights, and many other factors, including climatic conditions in a given region of the country, have to be taken into consideration. Simply speaking, the roof structure is a fundamental issue for the entire building, regardless of its nature and purpose.

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A thermal imaging survey of a building - what is it, why is it done and how much does it cost?

The essence of thermal imaging is to locate defects in the thermal insulation of the building, and thus the spots which generate the greatest heat losses. However, a thermal imaging survey is not only a real-time review of the condition of the building's insulation, but also an opportunity to determine the causes of heat loss in the building. Let us learn more about what a thermal imaging survey is. After all, every owner and user of a residential building wants it to be warm and energy efficient.

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Moisture in the house - how to prevent it, what to remember, things to avoid

The struggle with dampness in the house should begin from the question of where it actually comes from and how to remove the excess moisture. Tightly closed windows and doors, which limit the exchange of air in rooms, are certainly a factor conducive to the accumulation of dampness. Furthermore, everyday activities such as washing, cooking, ironing or a hot bath increase the amount of moisture in rooms and require its efficient removal. However, the main cause of moisture may be improper thermal insulation of the building or poorly functioning ventilation. How to win this uneven fight? Well, prevention is better than cure!

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For the first time in Poland, the Purios brand is applying artificial-intelligence (AI) technology to the construction market. The future of video marketing communication.

We have implemented artificial-intelligence technology created by a London studio. The effect of the algorithms and production techniques used to modify the face of the same company can be seen, for example, in the campaigns with David Beckham (Malaria must Die) and Snoop Dogg and the JustEat brand (MenuLog).

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Green-roof insulation — what do you use to insulate an extensive roof?

A real flourishing of unconventional solutions in the construction industry has recently been observed. This development is also related to roofs - i.e., upper building partitions. Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in urban spaces. What actually are green roofs, and why are they so popular? A green roof is one which, in addition to the support structure and the thermal-insulation layer, has a special covering — plants.

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Insulating partition walls with polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is an insulation expert, and not only a thermal one! Polyurethane foam serves as an excellent filling material for partition walls inside your house, ensuring maintenance of proper insulation of living rooms in a single flat at a minimum level of RA1’ = 35 dB and RA1’ = 50 dB for flat dividing walls. Explanation: RA1’ is an evaluation indicator of estimated acoustic insulation properties of a specific inner wall.

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How to Finish PUR-Foam-Insulated Facade?

Have you decided to insulate your house with polyurethane foam, but do not know what type of facade you can now apply? Do not worry, you are not limited just to roughcast applied by spray plastering. In fact, you have unlimited possibilities with the so-called ventilated facade, which can be made of wood, clinker brick, ceramic tiles, siding, steel and aluminium plates, fibre boards, or HPL boards. You can also apply cement-board-based smooth stucco.

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Building Insulation in Industry and Agriculture

Polyurethane foam is one of the cheapest and most effective method of insulating industrial and agricultural buildings, including livestock and storage buildings. Livestock buildings should meet certain standards in order to fulfil their role properly. These include appropriate sanitary conditions, room and structure protection against excess moisture, and proper stable temperature indoors regardless of the season.

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