Everything about Purios spray foam

For the first time in Poland, the Purios brand is applying artificial-intelligence (AI) technology to the construction market. The future of video marketing communication.

We have implemented artificial-intelligence technology created by a London studio. The effect of the algorithms and production techniques used to modify the face of the same company can be seen, for example, in the campaigns with David Beckham (Malaria must Die) and Snoop Dogg and the JustEat brand (MenuLog).

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Green-roof insulation — what do you use to insulate an extensive roof?

A real flourishing of unconventional solutions in the construction industry has recently been observed. This development is also related to roofs - i.e., upper building partitions. Green roofs are becoming increasingly popular in urban spaces. What actually are green roofs, and why are they so popular? A green roof is one which, in addition to the support structure and the thermal-insulation layer, has a special covering — plants.

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Insulating partition walls with polyurethane foam

Polyurethane foam is an insulation expert, and not only a thermal one! Polyurethane foam serves as an excellent filling material for partition walls inside your house, ensuring maintenance of proper insulation of living rooms in a single flat at a minimum level of RA1’ = 35 dB and RA1’ = 50 dB for flat dividing walls. Explanation: RA1’ is an evaluation indicator of estimated acoustic insulation properties of a specific inner wall.

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How to Finish PUR-Foam-Insulated Facade?

Have you decided to insulate your house with polyurethane foam, but do not know what type of facade you can now apply? Do not worry, you are not limited just to roughcast applied by spray plastering. In fact, you have unlimited possibilities with the so-called ventilated facade, which can be made of wood, clinker brick, ceramic tiles, siding, steel and aluminium plates, fibre boards, or HPL boards. You can also apply cement-board-based smooth stucco.

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Building Insulation in Industry and Agriculture

Polyurethane foam is one of the cheapest and most effective method of insulating industrial and agricultural buildings, including livestock and storage buildings. Livestock buildings should meet certain standards in order to fulfil their role properly. These include appropriate sanitary conditions, room and structure protection against excess moisture, and proper stable temperature indoors regardless of the season.

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