How to combat smog through proper home insulation?

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How to combat smog through proper home insulation?
The struggle against smog is mainly associated with replacing heating boilers and giving up low-quality coal. However, it should all start with insulating the house. Why is thermal insulation so important and why should you decide to do it?

Planning the good fight, or thermal modernisation wisely

The struggle against smog has been a hot topic for several years now, and it is particularly often raised during the heating season. There is a lot of debate about limiting access to low-quality coal and replacing boilers, but insulating your home against smog should start from a different perspective. Modern equipment with high-quality fuel is of no use if the entire house has not been thoroughly insulated beforehand. If heat escapes through the walls, foundations or roof - heating bills will rise and living comfort decrease.

In order to be fully effective, thermomodernisation of the house must start with thermal insulation, which will prevent heat from escaping. This process will result in increased energy efficiency of the house, which will reduce the need for home heating. It will not only reduce the cost of living, but also the emission of toxins into the atmosphere. If you want to take care of your living comfort, your private budget and the environment then you should opt for ecological home insulation.

Does green mean cheaper and better?

In order to save as much as possible, thermal upgrading should be approached comprehensively. The first step to success is to insulate the building against smog and protect it entirely against energy loss - proper thermal insulation can have a real impact on improving air quality, which translates into a reduced risk of allergies and respiratory diseases caused by smog. Properly insulating your home protects against smog by contributing to air quality. So what do you use to insulate your home? High quality thermal insulation material is essential. It is worth choosing an effective, long-lasting and universal product. PUR foamis such an insulator.

Properties of polyurethane foam, e.g. Purios HR, allow obtaining optimum effect in each house, both an old and a newly-built one. Owing to spray insulation, heating bills will become several times lower, similarly as heating demand in cold season.

The costs incurred for PUR foam insulation pay for themselves after just a few years, resulting in reduced CO2 emissions - which has a positive effect on your health. The works being planned may seem expensive, but it may be more expensive to reheat the house, from which all the heat generated escapes. This is an unnecessary expense that is not worth a single penny. Insulating your home against smog is also a safeguard for the future - smog is largely the result of using poor quality fuel and inadequate heating systems. Proper insulation eliminates this problem, which results in a reduction of smog, which in turn has a positive impact on health and respiratory diseases.

You and your children breathe one and the same air

About 70% of detached houses are inefficiently insulated or not insulated at all. The loss of thermal energy reaches up to several dozen percent, which means that the interiors have to be heated continuously and harmful substances get into the air. The fight against smog continues, but public awareness is growing - more and more people are choosing thermo-modernisation and thermal insulation. Modern insulation methods are highly effective - insulating a building against smog and heat loss makes an excellent return on investment.

Insulating buildings is a long term activity, especially if you know what to insulate your house with. Using PUR foam allows you to enjoy excellent results for years. A one-off investment pays for itself, because apart from taking care of your wallet, you take care of the environment in which you and your family reside. The greater the social awareness - the greater the benefit, also for future generations.