How much does the house insulation cost? Check it! (based on PUR foam)

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How much does the house insulation cost
Insulating the house has become easier today than ever before. Polyurethane foam, like no other thermal insulator, is perfect for this purpose. The durable, practical, and excellent PUR foam properties have been used around the world for many years. Check how much will you pay, deciding to insulate the house with this material.

Insulating the house – where to start?

Insulation of a single-family home is an expensive investment, which should be thoroughly prepared. First of all, before starting the work, you need to choose the right insulation material, because your future comfort of living depends on its properties. Such a large project requires investment in solid materials. Only in this way, is it possible to provide an adequate thermal and hydro-insulation to the building that is insulated.

Secondly, an appropriate team of professionals should be selected to professionally perform the assigned task. In order not to overpay and to not tear your hair out of your head afterward, it is worth getting an idea of how much the service can cost.

How much does it cost to insulate a house with polyurethane foam?

How much does it cost to insulate a house with polyurethane foam

Only a few years ago, only wealthy customers have decided to insulate the house with foam, because the price of such a method was at least twice as high as the traditional ones. This was related, for example, to the need to import individual ingredients from Western Europe, the USA, or Canada. Now the situation has changed. There are several competing companies operating on the market that take great care of customers and try to acquire new ones by running campaigns with a wide range of information and promotion. As a result, the prices of foam and workmanship have decreased and the product is successfully competing with other insulation materials.

The standard thickness of insulation with open-cell polyurethane foam is 15 cm. In this case, the cost of 1 m2 of spray insulation is about 60 PLN gross. In the case of 20 cm thick insulation, the cost of performing a square meter of insulation is about 70 PLN gross, depending on the investment area and its complexity. With such a layer of insulation, the low-energy house parameter is 0.2, which means that the energy demand is 20 kW per m2 per year. The final price also depends on the size of the investment – the smaller, the more you will pay for each m2 of insulation.

Spray insulation – what else does it depend on?

Spraying polyurethane foam is used increasingly. In the case of single-family houses, insulation of the attic by foam is the most popular, but it is also used for thermal and acoustic insulation of basement ceilings, floors, and internal and external walls.

The many possibilities of using this material have resulted in many types of foam on the market with different technical parameters. This is the first important factor affecting the cost of thermal insulation.

The geographical location will also affect the price of foam insulation. Rates in individual regions may vary slightly. 

What else makes up the cost of spray insulation? First of all, the size of the surface to be insulated with foam is important. The already mentioned thickness of the selected insulation, the degree of complexity of the surface structure for insulation, and possible discounts that the wholesaler can offer are important.

Renovation team for insulation with PUR foam

The search for a good renovation team should start at least half a year before the start of planned works. Experts for the service themselves usually expect a remuneration of 30-40 PLN/m2.

Self-purchase of the material could bring some savings. At the beginning, however, it is worth to ask the contractor if he is able to negotiate a rebate from the producer. It may be a more beneficial solution, especially for you. If you supply the product and the contractor makes a complaint about it, then in a case of problems (product defects), he may try to shirk the responsibility.

It is important for the investor to know the applicable law. At present, pursuant to the Consumer Rights Act and the Civil Code, construction works contracts entitle you to a two-year warranty, calculated from the date of receipt. When signing a contract for comprehensive execution of works, additional guarantees can be negotiated.