Principles and methods of processing spray systems – training

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Principles and methods of processing spray systems – training
Last week we organised a training on Purios spray systems. The invited contractors learnt the theory and practical use of modern polyurethane foam insulation methods.

The theoretical part of the training included detailed principles of surface preparation before the polyfoam spraying, choosing and using the right material in accordance with its intended purpose and machine maintenance aspects. The contractors were able to ask detailed questions and dispel any doubts with the help of experts.

The other part of the training were workshops during which the participants could try to use the spray. Each of participants was given a special suit and a mask. The spraying was carried out under the supervision of experienced Purinova representatives. Some of participants used polyurethane foam for the first time, and some of them had an occasion to ask technical questions.

This was the third training on the principles and methods of processing Purios spray systems in the autumn edition. The participants appreciate that the training is organised small groups. We attach importance to knowledge transfer. The trainings allow to exchange experiences and improve qualifications.