Why PURIOS FR is the best open-cell foam on the Polish market?

Why PURIOS FR is the best open-cell foam on the Polish market?
Spray insulation with a polyurethane foam is currently one of the most widely selected methods of thermal insulation of buildings. The Purios system has already been used to insulate a total area of well over 7,000,000 square metres. Year after year, we note continuously growing numbers of developers and individual customers which list high efficiency, speed and accuracy of application, lack of thermal bridges or low load on the structural elements of the insulated building as the key advantages of this type of insulation.

There is only a single leader among polyurethane foams

But how should you select foam of the best quality? Which parameters define the best insulating properties of PUR foam? There are plenty of manufacturers in the market who offer polyurethane systems with varying parameters. However, there is enough room for just one leader – PURIOS FR. It dominates among open-cell foams, far exceeding the competition. What features make it a unique and a top quality product?

Among its numerous advantages, one of its leading features is lambda (λ) of 0.033-0.036 W/mK – the lowest heat conductivity coefficient among open-cell foams available on the Polish market. This particular parameter is especially important due to the fact that using products characterised by low lambda value has a direct relation to the energy requirements of buildings. It allows to apply insulation with a lower thickness in order to obtain the desired heat transfer coefficient (U), which can prove particularly valuable in the case of a tight, low attic.

However, the best lambda index is not all

This is not the sole advantage of PURIOS FR. Its another benefit is its apparent density of the finished product. It is all about how much of the “good stuff” is in there. PURIOS FR is definitely a ‘Mercedes’ among polyurethane foams. Its apparent density reaches up to 14 kg/m3, which is reflected in the other parameters. The features of dimensional stability and compressive strength affect the functional properties of the foam applied to the cavity. A dense insulation core brings a significantly improved insulation against a rapidly heating roof in the summer.

When deciding on polyurethane insulation, investors and customers often ask about the acoustic properties of the building.  The high density of open-cell systems brings improved sound absorption properties – in the case of PURIOS FR this means class D in the maximum parameter L55. Despite the fact that this is not the highest possible value to be achieved, filling out the cavity 100% with foam is going to play an important role.  This ensures the lack of voids constituting resonance box inside the cavity. In the case of using other insulation materials, the voids may occur when the building is in use, as the roof is a component which remains active. When using polyurethane foams, insulation stays in place.

Fire safety

The fire resistance of PURIOS FR system is also a feature not to be omitted. It has a flammability class of E, characterised as non-flammable, self-extinguishing. In cases where the attic is covered with Norgips plasterboard system with simultaneous application of Purios foam, the fire resistance of the partition wall is rated at REI 30, in accordance with the fire safety regulations for residential or office buildings. This means that PURIOS FR, similarly to other Purios foams, is safe for the persons who inhabit the building.

CO2 emissions reduction

Another important aspect of polyurethane foam insulation is the concern for the environment, resulting in efforts to reduce CO2 emissions and the development of low-energy buildings. In accordance with the information published by the International Energy Agency, the global energy-related carbon emissions in 2021 were the highest in recorded history. The low lambda coefficient of PURIOS FR is excellently in line with the trend of limiting CO2 emissions, as effective thermal insulation has a direct effect on reducing a building’s energy consumption.

When deciding on the selection of a suitable thermal insulation system, please comprehensively study the technical parameters of a specific product. PURIOS FR – the highest quality polyurethane foam guarantees comfortable use of a building and has a significant impact on the reduction of heating costs.

Purios FR – only one king.