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ARCHIVES October 2021

Building foundations - how to do them properly when building a house?

Obviously, proper foundations under a house are crucial to the longevity of a structure. There are a number of requirements that must be met in order to ensure that the foundation of a detached house - whether single-storey or two-storey - fulfils its role successfully for as long time as possible. Below you can read about things you should pay special attention to once you have decided to pour the foundations on your own.

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Insulating materials - types of thermal insulating materials in buildings - application and properties

It is truthful that a thermally well-insulated house is an energy-efficient and ecological property. Legal regulations and people's growing awareness have resulted in the need to reduce energy demand and related costs. An important element in the struggle against excessive use of energy in residential buildings and public utility facilities are certainly the insulation materials, adapted to function in specific conditions. Reducing energy consumption can be achieved through effective thermal insulation of all building partitions, but without the right materials this will be virtually impossible. Let us take a closer look at the thermal insulation materials available on the market today.

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Roof structure and types of roof truss

The roof of a detached house is not only a key element of its entire structure, but also an important component that affects appearance and durability of the entire building. Nowadays in Poland, traditional roof trusses are still provided in most cases. In order to make a solid and stable support for the roof covering, its form and weight, thermal requirements as well as the type and location of individual elements crossing its surface, i.e. chimneys or skylights, and many other factors, including climatic conditions in a given region of the country, have to be taken into consideration. Simply speaking, the roof structure is a fundamental issue for the entire building, regardless of its nature and purpose.

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