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A thermal imaging survey of a building - what is it, why is it done and how much does it cost?

The essence of thermal imaging is to locate defects in the thermal insulation of the building, and thus the spots which generate the greatest heat losses. However, a thermal imaging survey is not only a real-time review of the condition of the building's insulation, but also an opportunity to determine the causes of heat loss in the building. Let us learn more about what a thermal imaging survey is. After all, every owner and user of a residential building wants it to be warm and energy efficient.

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Moisture in the house - how to prevent it, what to remember, things to avoid

The struggle with dampness in the house should begin from the question of where it actually comes from and how to remove the excess moisture. Tightly closed windows and doors, which limit the exchange of air in rooms, are certainly a factor conducive to the accumulation of dampness. Furthermore, everyday activities such as washing, cooking, ironing or a hot bath increase the amount of moisture in rooms and require its efficient removal. However, the main cause of moisture may be improper thermal insulation of the building or poorly functioning ventilation. How to win this uneven fight? Well, prevention is better than cure!

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